I’m an aspiring minimalist and lover of the outdoors, who adores hosting dinner parties. Blessed to be married to the love of my life for three years now. Together we’re raising the sweetest (not so little) Airedale Terrier you’ve ever met who I genuinely couldn’t imagine life without.  Our little family of three resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma where I’ve had the pleasure of photographing the most wonderful love stories ever. Maybe your love story will be next?


If you are a bride or groom who wants to be able to relive your wedding day moment by moment, through imagery as beautiful as the memories you cherish, than I promise this is right where you’re supposed to be. I have been working in the photography industry since 2011, and have been shooting weddings since 2012 — with six years and over 100 weddings in my back pocket, I know what is necessary for a wedding day to go seamlessly and easily. Whether it’s walking you through the symbolism of a unity candle, or helping you (or even the officiant) know where to sign the marriage license, I’m able to lead you through it.

I’m here because I’m in love with making people feel assured, excited, beautiful, and giving them images they can hold on to. Getting to be there for the bride and groom is so special to me. In the service industry people can get carried away, or start to think that it’s all about them because of their skill or know how — but I know it’s all because of the wonderful couples who value little moments and memories that I am able to create frame worthy photographs for them. Sometimes in my pursuit of getting those beautiful images, I may say something awkward or silly, but if I do, it’s all in pursuit of those genuine laughs and outward expression of the joy you get when you are in the arms of the person you love.