Let’s Get Gorgeous

  1. On your wedding day you aren’t going to have time to devote to getting picture of yourself.
  2. Trouble shooting- true story, one of my best girls stitched the shoulder straps of my wedding dress between the first look and our ceremony! Bridals are a great way to make sure everything is fitting how you want.
  3. If you’re deciding on a makeup and hair look this is the perfect opportunity to make sure you actually like what you have been pinteresting. Because you might not!
  4. It helps fend off those butterflies you get the day of. This way you know with out a doubt that you are going to look beautiful, plus you’ll have some beautiful pictures of you to display at your reception if you want too!
  5. It’s a good way to help your mom, sister, and or MOH shed (a few) of those happy tears before the big day. Bringing them along can be a fun experience that makes everyone involved just a little more excited for your wedding than before! It’s literally getting closer every day!!!

What to Bring :

  • Flowers! Go as glamorous or as simplistically elegant as you want too.
    Adding a floral element to your shoot.
  • Do you have a shawl, crown, hat or gloves? Bring accessories you love.
  • If you are having your makeup done before hand bring a translucent makeup powder, just in case your face starts to shine. (by means other than your smile of course.) If you are doing your makeup at home bring whatever powder or blotter you would normally use!
  • JOY!!! This session is going to be fun.


What to Expect :

  • When you arrive at your session we will get you all dressed and ready.
  • If you need help buttoning or tying I am happy to do so.
    (I’ve bustled a good many dresses in my day)
  • Be prepared…I will most definitely ask you to laugh for the camera! <3

Some Last Minute Tips!

  • Relax! Do something that you find relaxing before we meet. Michael Buble and a glass of wine? A good book maybe?
  • Paint your nails! We may be getting some close up shots of them!
  • Don’t be afraid of faux lashes and dark eyeliner, they are a great way to make your eyes pop in photos!