Category: Proposal

I LOVE photographing proposals because they are so full of emotion and are a huge part of a couples love story all to itself. When I shoot proposals I work to get the best angle to capture her reaction, as well as getting the grooms face as he pops the question. Proposals are unique in that, you never know how the bride will react. She may cry hysterically, be shocked and wide eyed, she may even knock you over in a huge hug. Either way each proposal is a beautiful blend of both the future bride and grooms personalities and are an intimate look into the inter-workings of their relationship.
Inquire about your proposal; I will help you through the process of creating a timeline and setting up for your ideal moment. I am also more than happy to guide you in wardrobe styling; depending on the type of moment you are creating, you look your best. Write notes. Bring celebratory champagne. Enjoy your new status as an engaged couple.